Designed and coded by Hans Ramzan... Yes, that's right - This is my poor attempt at coding! Check it out!
Dip - Hans Ramzan | Industrial Product Designer

dip (v2)

The world's first women's anemia tracker

Anemic woman lying down exhausted

20% of women are anemic, causing life altering issues. It is caused by a lack of hemoglobin in the body. There are currently no consumer devices on the market that allow people to self check their hemoglobin levels meaning they rely on inconvenient doctor appointments.

For Dip v1, click here

Changing the wavelenth factor on the sensor means we can track hemoglobin saturation in the blood through the skin.

Dip concept sketches

Different body placements for an anemia tracking device

Dip sketches

The design decisions that dictated the final outcome

Dip deadfront render

Typically, women's watches have a white dial. By having 0.5mm, white ABS, capacitive panel it allows a bright LED behind it to shine through.

Dip floating render
Dip render sensors

LEDs can be used to shine through the skin and calculate the Hemoglobin (Hb) saturation.

Dip render charger

Charging through pogo pins is much faster than wireless and more convenient that standard wired charging. The circular shape allows the user to charge the device, avoiding the possibility of misalignment.

Dip render strap

Customising the strap style and colour gives women the option to stylise Dip.

Dip render strap colours
Dip render falling

Machine injection moulding allows the versatility and low unit cost suitable for a mass produced product.

Dip prototype phone

Research shows that women do not want the aesthetic of their watch to be overly saturated with features. The simplified information allows the dial to remain dainty and feminine.

Dip render flatlay

Dip is now a part of who you are.

Dip app screens mockup

Dive deep into your health data in one convenient place. Log your symptoms and consistency of your habits to establish insight driven trends regarding your health. Get notified of changes in your tracked metrics, as well as medication reminders. Connect with your family and GPs and update them with summary reports.

(Click here to try out the mobile app prototype.)

Dip is a wristband paired to a mobile app, empowering women to take control of anemia. Non-invasive sensors measure hemoglobin levels and combine with user lifestyle data to help women understand the impending impact of their choices on their health. Real Time personal tracking saves time by reducing the frequency of blood test appointments.

How does Dip work?

  • SETUP - and pair your Dip device to the companion app.
    Dip links wirelessly to your smartphone via bluetooth.
  • TRACK - your metrics, symptoms and habits.
    Dip autonomously runs to track realtime data from the inbuilt sensors. User’s can also input data about their diet and supplements they use.
  • ANALYSE - review and take action.
    Dip suggests the best cause of action to improve your lifestyle based on the data provided

Acknowledgements: UX/UI (Sin, M), Photography (Cate Castleton Photography), Research (Castleton, C. Grineviciute, B. Ramzan, F), Review and Development (Mastrangelo, L)

Date: February 2022


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