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Bone - Hans Ramzan | Industrial Product Designer


Allowing the hearing-impaired community to enjoy music

Woman with hearing aid surround by people with headphones

Over 466 million people in the world suffer from disabling hearing loss (with that number estimated to grow to 900 million by 2050). Furthermore, 60% of childhood hearing loss cases are due to preventable causes. This begs the question - how can those who suffer from hearing loss share similar experiences to what non-deaf individuals experience (without an obvious accessory such as a hearing aid)?

What is the "Sense" range?

People need products they can relate to, products that play a vital role in their life, products that consider human emotions. "Sense" is a collection of products which focus on making technology less intimidating. It uses relatable design via form, colours, materials and finishes to achieve this. The products are viewed as a human companion rather than a tech attachment. The aim is not to create new devices, but to design the products that have been missing from people's lives.

Bone headphones bone conduction technology animated gif diagram

Bone conduction technology sends signals directly to the inner ear rather than passing through the outer/mid ear

Bone headphones Initial industrial design sketches

Initial concept ideas for bone induction headphones

Bone headphones 3d printing test models

Rapid prototyping to test proportions on a range of different human head shapes and analysing the results

Final CAD design of bone headphones

Final design

Bone headphones CAD exploded view

Internal components of bone conduction headphones

Bone headphones closeup detail depth of field photoshop

Detail of wireless charge coil and induction coil

Bone headphones colours materials finishes cmf

4 different colours for the natural hair types - black, blonde, dark brown and light brown

Bone headphones 3d printed prototyping

Prototyping of Bone headphones

Bone headphones hanging render

Gloss finish used to reflect hair when in use. This allows an almost camoflague aesthetic when worn by user

Bone headphones wireless charger CAD

The proprietary charger which charges the headphones via wireless charging

Bone headphones holding with wireless charger

Charger seamlessly integrates into headphone design

Bone headphones girl using bone induction headphones

Demonstration of how the headphones are virtually unnoticeable when worn. A contrast to most hearing aids (which cannot play music) and overear-headphones

There are 2 types of conductive hearing loss – mid ear and outer ear. Fortunately, the inner ear works fine but sound from the outside world has difficulty entering. Therefore, bone conduction technology allows sound to send vibrations through the skull so sound can directly travel to the inner ear – bypassing the need to travel via the outer and mid ear. “Bone” is extremely intuitive and can be used by anyone. It works in a similar way to standard wireless headphones and includes the following features;

  • Connect to devices via Bluetooth.
  • Touch sensitive playback controls.
  • Wireless charging.

The main difference is that it sits behind the ear rather than on it. This means that the actual product itself is completely hidden from front view. From the side, it shares a similar aesthetic to a standard thin hairband which can be covered by hair. Bone is the ideal solution for any scenario or envionrment

Acknowledgements: Ideation (Castleton, C), Photography & Videography (Cate Castleton Photography)

Date: November 2020


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