Designed and coded by Hans Ramzan... Yes, that's right - This is my poor attempt at coding! Check it out!
Stil - Hans Ramzan | Industrial Product Designer


Using natural resources to create drinking water

Render of still with water splash photography

In third-world villages, young children face a deadly threat that should never exist - unsanitary water. Without clean drinking wells for miles, families are forced to take a gamble on their children's lives by consuming stagnant and bacteria-ridden water. Tragically, over 370,000 under-fives in Asia alone succumbed to diarrhoea last year as a result of this desperate reality. This is a story of a world that must confront its most pressing challenges to secure a future where no child has to die from drinking dirty water.

design language for water purifier

The design language inspired by basic geometry and soft, elegant junctions

sketches of stil water purifier
cad development images of stil water purifier

Experimenting with water storage capacity, proportions and usability

final digital sketch of stil water purifier
cmf keyshot render of stil water purifier

A metal body is impractical and costly. Vibrant colours in a rural environment may become overpowering and ill-fitting.

render of stil water purifier

Smooth edges and a detachable design allow easy cleaning. Stil can be used with snap-on metal legs or placed on an outside table for optimal sunlight exposure in developing countries.

render orange closeup of stil water purifier

The insulating silicone lid is moulded around an aluminium plate. The external volume indicator denotes a maximum fill line after adding contaminated water. The covered overflow hole prevents unsanitary water from spilling into the clean chamber.

exploded view render of stil water purifier

When dirty water contacts the hot core, it boils to eliminate bacterial residue. Subsequently, steam transitions to the slope-topped cooling chamber, where it condenses into pure, distilled water. The lid's encloses the overflow hole, thereby preventing the steam from escaping.

solar powered stil water purifier

A domed fresnel lens magnifies the sun's energy to scorching temperatures, capturing it from all angles. The aluminum plate in the lid captures the magnified sun energy, heating up the core like a kettle's thermal conductor.

render of beautiful knurling on stil water purifier

The knurled tap is turned to dispense drinking water

insitu render of stil water purifier in the sea
african woman using solar powered stil water purifier

Stil holds 12L of water for a family of 6. The material choices hide the magic of water filtration behind opaque bamboo composite material, while a clear plastic material shows the clean water.

render water splash photography of stil water purifier

"Stil aims to be as intuitive as possible to cater for all those who live in developing nations. It saves lives with these simple steps;

  • Dirty water is poured into the chamber
  • Stil boils the water with magnified sunlight.
  • The steam from the boiled water cools and condenses into drinkable water.

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