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london tube collection

Celebrating London culture with furniture dedicated to the London Underground

Big ben with colorful fireworks in London

The recent affairs in the United Kingdom i.e. Brexit has divided the nation. It has left many Brits distraught and fearful as we delve into the unknown. On the other hand, it could be the change we need. Who's to say? The London Tube Collection aims to bring everyone together in solidarity to celebrate the beauty of British design.

Sketch of london tube lamp

An abundance of initial design sketches! "Jasper" denotes inspiration from British designer - Jasper Morrison

Colour variations of London Tube furniture

Applying the colour of every underground tube line to the furniture to see which colours work, and which do not

Final design of London Tube Collection

Final designs

London Tube Collection insitu

Final collection of products

The pieces are constructed from recycled, cold-formed rolled steel that is bend into shape to form each piece of furniture. The different colors uses reflect the various lines of the London Underground.

Acknowledgements: Vong, W

Date: August 2016