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Increasing the screen-bezel ratio and redesigning the curved screen

Samsung S6 edge on grass

Screen real estate is the future. The bezels on smartphones are slowly disappearing as the years go by. Some smartphone designers often utilise the versatility of OLED by having curved edges . However, they are usually curved horizontally which causes interference with the users palm. By having it curved across the phone vertically, it allows the phone to be held comfortably.

Smartphone design variations

Design ideas for shape of phone, button placement, and screen positioning

Smartphone CAD render

Final design

Top and bottom of smartphone

Curved edges of screen shows quick-access to battery percentage

Side of smartphone

Final design

Smartphone camera

Rear of phone - shows dual cameras, buttons, and branding

Man holding smartphone

Final product in use

The H Infinity is made from a ceramic material with a metal frame. As a result, the speakerphone (hidden inside the phone) operates by the user placing their ear anywhere on the device to pick up the vibrations.

Date: November 2017