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The beautiful, eco-friendly bottle which promotes "healthy hydration"

African blood test with sharp razor

Single-use plastic bottles have a devastating effect on the environment - They take approximately 700 years to dissolve. On the other hand, with many reusable bottles, water left inside causes breakdown of chemicals from the plastic which leak into the water and induce bacteria growth. Furthermore, 75% of western society are chronically dehydrated - Drop will change the way we drink forever.

Sketches of Drop water bottle

Water bottle sketch concepts

Drop water bottle with cork off

Cork stopper removed from bottle

3 drop water bottles

Final design

Drop water bottle being used on desk

Drop used in a studying and working environment

woman's hands holding drop water bottle

Final product

Drop encapsulates 3 main elements;

  • The Drop bottle is entirely manufactured from PLA – a bioplastic fermented from plant starch such as corn, sugarcane, cassava or sugar beet pulp. The stopper/lid is made from locally sourced natural cork. Furthermore, the product is 100% recyclable since PLA - It takes just 1 month to fully biodegrade.
  • “Healthy Hydration” is a term which discourages ‘binge drinking’ of water (drinking too much in a short space of time). Instead, it can hold up to 156ml of water – ensuring the recommended hourly intake of water is consumed. Numerous hydration tests were carried out and 2L – 2.5L of water is the recommended daily intake. Humans are awake for an average of 16 hours a day. This means that 156ml of water should be consumed every hour. In addition, it forces people to regularly refill the bottle with fresh water.
  • Drop has been beautifully designed to be comfortable to use, as well as small enough to be thrown in a bag, or held without becoming a burden - the ultimate everyday accessory.

Acknowledgements: Ideation (Iriza, B), Research (Royds, C), Minor Detailing (Beyrouthy, C), Testing (LUMA-iD Ltd.), Prototyping (Express Prototype Ltd.)

Date: November 2019