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Why should social distancing mean being on your own?

lonely man in black room with window

COVID-19 is the largest pandemic in over 100 years. Nearly half a million people have fell victim to Coronavirus. From this more than 3000 people have died within the past 3 months as a result. Its astonishing to discover how easily Coronavirus can spread due to proximity to other people. In the past decade, feelings of loneliness have become more prevalent in society due to how much more social people have become. This is why CLOCKVID-20 is the perfect tool for people who want a social life, whilst isolating during this time.

various uses of clockvid-20

Numerous uses - from video chatting with friends, to using as a digital to-do list

exloded view of Clockvid-20

Exploded View

Speaker closeup Clockvid-20

Closeup of speaker detail

Insitu of Clockvid-20 in room

Final Product

Insitu of woman using Clockvid-20

Video chatting

Colour variation of Clockvid-20

The 3 colour variations - Copper, Silver, Gold

CLOCKVID-20 aims to replace your current clock. Whereas smart speakers are an additional eye-sore to a room. Furthermore, clocks are ornamental and often seen as a piece of art. CLOCKVID-20 has numerous uses as does not discriminate to gender, age or culture. It has the following functionality;

  • Can be used as a standard clock (in its standby, low power state)
  • The built-in video camera allows people to easily call their friends via voice
  • It can also be used as a security camera (which features night mode). The camera also has a feature which mechanically hides the lens meaning your privacy is fully protected when not in use.
  • Use as a mirror
  • A digital photo-frame (can be used for family photos, slideshows, or even art work)
  • Play music
  • Other various smart apps. Can be used to learn new skills/exercises whilst in isolation, allowing a more productive experience. You can then compete with your friends online on specific tasks!

Acknowledgements: Ideation (Ramzan, Haaris), Ethics (Grineviciute, B)

Date: March 2020


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