Designed and coded by Hans Ramzan... Yes, that's right - This is my poor attempt at coding! Check it out!
Catch - Hans Ramzan | Industrial Product Designer


Helping individuals in developing countries easily detect HIV with a self-testing device

African blood test with sharp razor

HIV is the leading cause of death in over 90% of developing countries (defined by the HDI). 2.5 million individuals are infected with HIV every year. Due to many external factors which are often out of indivdual control, people often live with HIV unnoticed until it develops into AIDS - the final stage. This low-cost device allows easy blood extraction with individuals who wish to check if they have HIV.

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Sketches of Catch HIV detector

Initial concept sketches of a 'slide-on' HIV detector

Sketches of Catch HIV detector with hands

How the device interacts with humans

Sketches of Catch HIV detector details

Details of how the device works

CAD render of Catch HIV detector

Final design

Injection mould detailing render of Catch HIV detector

Device internals and moulding details

Exploded view of Catch HIV detector

Exploded View

Cutaway CAD section of Catch HIV detector

Cutaway section of internals

Vector guide of Catch HIV detector

The 3 steps of how to operate the device

Prototype of Catch HIV detector being used

Prototype of the device being used

Prototype of Catch HIV detector showing result

Prototype showing results of test

Finger wearing Catch HIV detector

Final product

By creating Catch, it allows individuals to be self sufficient with an easy indication device. Due to limited infrastructure in many developing countries, sometimes people can live miles away from the nearest aid station or hospital. Catch can ensure that it is not a wasted trip and allows an easy blood extraction process. It works by;

  • Sliding the tight sleeve over the finger until it reaches the finger stopper. This sleeve has half of the inside coated with disinfectant (which has removable packaging to keep it clean). The other half is dry to clean off the disinfectant residue.
  • Push down on the pipette. This will also push down on the small needle. When the pipette is released, it will collect the blood.
  • Press the latch on the front to release the blood which will then travel onto the absorbent indicator. This may show 2 lines; The first will indicate the test is working, the second will detect if the individual has HIV in their blood.

Q&A with The Design Museum

Acknowledgements: Research (Ramzan, F), Prototype (Express Prototype Ltd.)

Date: September 2018