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Fully customisable storage to suit the spacial requirements of educational institutions

Messy classroom

With storage becoming an increasing problem within schools, it is important to utilise space to maximise its potential. bLox was designed to fill unused space inside classrooms, meaning it can be stacked vertically. Furthermore, the USP of modular storage ensures that school boards purchase bLox to suit their spacial needs.

Blox cad development

Design development for manufacturing

Injection moulded tongue and groove snapfit

Having 1 side with a tongue, and 1 side with a groove - it allows the product to be injection moulded from 1 mould. This means the top half can be flipped over and snapfitted into the bottom

Blox empty
Blox empty 3x3
Blox small drawers
Blox big drawers
Blox laptop trolley
Blox lockers

Final Design. Variations of product dependent on usage and needs

Shipping diagrams

How to product can be packed for shipping

Locker wall

Example of lockers being used in a secondary school

Blox storage in nursery

Small drawer variation of product being used in a Nursery

The USP of blox is that it is made from one mold, allowing it to be a much more cost effective product in terms of manufacturing. This is not the only quality which saves on costs. Shipping has been made easy by allowing drawers to nest inside one another, whilst enclosed in the blox parts. The blox themselves are assembled via tongue and groove injection moulded joints. Blox works by having connectors on the top and bottom of the product which enables users to link multiple blox together to create a product based on their storage/spacial needs.

Acknowledgements: Research (Gumbo, N. Faniran, S), Modelling (Jandu, S), Design (Ramzan, H. Vong, W)

Date: November 2014