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A remote-controlled flying toy which reduces packaging waste

Boy playing in a cardboard box

Introducing Alienus – the toy which aims to be the next mass collectible toy. Like most fad toys, they die out after a while. However, some games still have an after value effect due to them being collectible (i.e. Pokemon and Barbie) and therefore, people won’t discard them after use as there is a huge resell value if retained for long enough.

Sketches of children's toys

Initial concept ideas for toys and their packaging

Development of UFO toy

Taking inspiration from the RC helicopter initial concept, and developing it into a UFO toy

Development of packaging

Packaging development, based on the number of parts needed for the UFO

Development of packaging decals

Packaging decal design development

colour and design variations of UFO

Final Design. Colour variations for each part as well as different designs/styles of each part. Allows possibility for trading with friends and customisation

Exploded view of toy

Exploded views; how toy fits into packaging, how to toy parts are assembled, how the packaging is assembled

Toy sprue for injection moulding

Injection moulded sprue design for toy parts to minimise costs

Final CAD and 3D print of UFO

Final model for toy; packaging design; mock-up 3D printed prototype


Alien avatars (which can be seen in final design). Allows personalisastion possibilities. (Each avatar represents a planet in the Milkyway)

Children are oblivious to the detriment of the environment. They are also not concerned about problems outside of themselves. This is why they care so little for the environment. Forcing them to choose between fun, or environmental conservation is a statement with an obvious answer. However, by integrating conservation with play, the child has no choice but to subliminally help save the world.

Parts of the toy can be traded to allow the child to feel unique.

The Alienus toy concept aims to achieve minimal toy wastage by also integrating the packaging into play via a range of various different processes;

  • The bottom of the packaging is a landing pad for the remote controlled flying toy which introduces an educational element (hand-eye coordination) and a goal to the game.
  • The packaging is used to store all the parts which build to construct a complete toy (UFO)
  • The controller for the toy slots on top of the packaging

Date: November 2014